About Us

Our success is based not just on our methods and ideals but also on our people.

We all have the same goal: to ensure that men and women are equally represented in the marketplace and to work together to break the poverty cycle, ensure a sustainable future for generations to come, and create pioneers of change.

Our story begins with a leap of faith. In our case, it was founder Louis Pulzone’s notion that if more people find employment and actively benefit and contribute to society, the benefits would be limitless. So, Louis set out to make it a reality. He boldly began as a small company, rapidly growing it into a powerful social impact organisation committed to global empowerment. 

At The LFP Group, we practice what we preach, putting Louis’ robust and ongoing commitment to transformation to use.

Since opening our doors in 2013, our team of over 300 industry experts has helped transform the lives of South Africans and evolved to provide innovative solutions that address more than just poverty and unemployment, creating over 1000 EMEs and SMMEs.

The LFP Group and our 2500+ clients are proud to have rolled out over 30 000 learnerships and created successful job opportunities for more than 40 000 female, youth, and disabled candidates, creating over R500 000 000 in income for previously unemployed people over the past 5 years.

Pioneers of change: Every generation impacts the world, now it’s our turn

The LFP Group was launched in 2013 in response to a crucial need for skills development to address unemployment in South Africa’s ever-changing economic landscape.

In 2016, the Group built two sister companies under the LFP Flag – LFP Agri and LFP Digi Campus – which offer future-forward and pioneering transformation solutions for both the private and public sectors.

Today the Group is committed to thinking about the bigger global goal; reforming not only the job and skills development sectors but also Africa’s transformational journey.

We’re All About
“Transforming Lives Together"

Innovating solutions that set us apart from our competition has always been a priority for The LFP Group. We take great satisfaction in building strong alliances that benefit all parties involved.

Sustainable transformation is an exercise of willpower. The bells and whistles of the process are tempting to focus on, but we know compelling results are what make transformation truly work for your business and everyone in it. Our purpose is to break the poverty cycle and create social and economic cohesion for generations to come. Every day, in all we do, we push our boundaries and challenge ourselves by focusing on incremental growth.
Imagine a world in which everyone has a job. That’s something we all want, but one can’t just imagine from the comfort of an armchair and hope it happens. We all need to do something to make that dream a reality. Sustainable transformation is our blueprint, spelling out each action we take, the community we serve and our vision for a truly united South Africa focused on dignity, inclusion, and economic and social well-being.
Our values give us the courage to reach beyond our comfort zone to try innovative and unconventional ideas. Integrity, focus, and passion are the bedrock principles upon which everything we do is built. Our commitment to learning, trust, and transparency has earned us admiration and respect. We do the right thing - even when no one is watching. Our supportive spirit fosters open, honest, and lasting connections. We value and appreciate our differences and invest in one another because we are a team that wins together.
We’ve made it our mission to provide people and communities with the developmental and scalable solutions that they need to enter the job market and be self-sufficient. As pioneers of change, we are committed to partnering with others, pursuing the common good, and working hard so that communities can thrive and those who are vulnerable, isolated, and disadvantaged can experience life in its fullness.

ESG looks at how the world impacts a company or investment, whereas sustainability focuses on how a company impacts the world. The LFP Group is committed to the environments we impact and to only developing solutions and products ethically and in line with combatting climate change to ensure we leave a greener footprint. 

Our leadership and employees believe in a diverse and inclusive workplace that has a sustainable impact on our continent and the people living in it. We govern with the highest ethical standards through a diverse and sustainable team of multi-skilled people.

our clients
& Partners

At LFP we partner with organisations that share our values, vision, and goals and have fostered strategic relationships with key players to align to 13 of the 17 sustainable goals of the United Nations, ensuring we play a crucial role in breaking the poverty cycle, creating social cohesion, and establishing innovative sustainable food solutions for future generations. 

Our long-term innovative strategy enables our clients and partners to experience the actual value of diversity in sustainable development