Growing Success

We believe the only way to alleviate poverty is by facilitating sustainable self-sufficiency.

We offer a hand of hope and opportunity for people to improve their lives in a meaningful way.

We think big and change one life at a time.

The LFP Smart Agri Programme

Mobile Agri Development Centre

To address food security and make a difference in a range of agricultural areas, the MADC provides the community with the tools and resources it needs to achieve long-term food sustainability.

Additionally, it will give complimentary training, encouraging understanding and awareness through a variety of interactive activities.

SMART Models

The Coop concepts are a combination of several agricultural approaches that create sustainable business prospects to establish new entrants into agri-businesses and ensure the growth of existing smallholder farmers in developing countries.

Our Models: Hydro Coop / Multi Hub / Layer Coop

SMME Establishment

LFP Agri assists in the establishment of new SMMEs as well as the expansion of current agribusinesses.

We think sustainability; educate, incubate, mentor, and build capacity to unlock more innovation and independence to break social and economic systematic parameters.

Our innovative solutions were developed with our enterprise development goals in mind:

To impact, measure, educate, attract, scale, adapt and transform.


LFP Agri smart farming concepts are already established business ventures that have an impact on the growth of smart Agri entrepreneurs and, as a result, on the creation of sustainable employment and the value chain of food production.


LFP Agri's training and capacity-building initiatives include an incubation period that ensures the long-term viability of the agribusiness enterprise. 

  • Training & Capacity Building: Guarantees sustainability in Agribusiness establishment and skills enhancement of the small farmer.
  • Project management: Ensuring professional Agribusiness support for establishment and growth.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Ensures that the farmer and farm are running effectively and efficiently.
Food Waste Beneficiation into Insect Protein for Animal Feed programme

Our decentralized insect protein out-grower programme will be the first in the world of its kind.

With our functional, impactful, scalable, and sustainable approach, we aim to achieve the following:

  • Create 2000 sustainable jobs by 2024
  • Create 1000 insect protein entrepreneurs by 2024
  • Process 300 000 kilograms of insect protein for animal feed for Poultry production and Aquaculture by 2024 annually
  • Process 600 000 kilograms of insect protein for animal feed for Poultry production and Aquaculture by 2025 annually
  • Process 50 000 kilograms of plant fertilizer by 2024 annually
  • Process 100 000 kilograms of plant fertilizer by 2025 annually

LFP’s research and development centre ensures that data is current and relevant for the agriculture business to change and expand. Research and development are carried out on a variety of different Smart farming/ agricultural themes.

Agri Training and Development

The first 3 months of our Agri and SMME training are done on the premises and are focused on Smart Farming models for practical training, thereafter training is done via a digitally blended solution and in close cooperation with a mentor.


Our world-class app embodies the true spirit of agriculture and remains true to our goals and vision by providing individuals with continued training and development and mentorship with access to agricultural information such as operational data and forecasting; thus, empowering and creating sustainable growth in our communities.

The app ensures that coop owners and communities at large are always well informed and trained on the power of agriculture by allowing for active and live sharing between users and providing a wide range of products and solutions that keep our communities engaged while interacting with our user-friendly interface.

IoT 3 pillar platform
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LFP Agri is well-positioned to play a crucial role in the development of new model agricultural initiatives, capacity building, and agripreneur development.

This enables these farmers to establish smart agricultural farms, thereby contributing to global food security and job creation.

We aim to fight social injustice, social and economic exclusion, corruption, poverty, malnutrition, and climate change with our unique and forward-thinking agricultural programmes and projects.

Projects that embody: THINK LOCAL, ACT GLOBAL

Are truly sustainable, transformational initiatives that are scalable, measurable, and adaptive
Create food security, break poverty cycles and educate today to impact tomorrow
Promote inclusivity and social and economical inclusion

Every day, an estimated 811 million individuals go hungry globally, but with our programmes and business support services, we can change that.

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Future-forward Community Development

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The LFP smart models

Programmes & Accreditations

LFP Agri offers accredited and non-accredited agricultural learnerships, entrepreneurial activation, and management programmes. These pioneering programmes cultivate agricultural entrepreneurs who work in the agricultural supply chain (agripreneurs) and entrepreneurs who work in various economic sectors. We also assist with job placements via our extensive agricultural networks.

Our one-year skills development training programmes enable learners to acquire in-depth knowledge and practical experience throughout the agriculture sector. Our coursework is created in partnership with subject-matter experts to the highest standards.

Furthermore, LFP Agri is constantly engaging with funders to establish efficiencies that ease the finance of new ventures and transform projects into sustainable enterprises.

Find out about our accreditations today.

Agriculture Bursaries
Concessionary Loans
In-Kind Contribution