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LFP Group - Training & Skills Development

Training and Skills Development

LFP leverages over a decade of experience working with unemployed and employed people; managing complex projects to deliver solutions that seamlessly bring together core elements of technology, training, and infrastructure with a scalable model that delivers real impact for your business.

We anticipate the future and create practical, workable solutions that are supported by accreditation and integrated tech platforms. We offer measurable & reportable outcomes that are sustainable & scalable and drive long-term value for your business.

Our Approach to Learnership

Let's Work

Accredited Digital Campus

Our digital platform was designed with the learner in mind in that is more flexible and accessible and incorporates new tools and approaches to assist learners in today’s agile and competitive environment.

Its real-time, custom and easy-to-use dashboard ensure learners are empowered; taking ownership of their learning, growth, and development; helping them live their transformative journey.


Easily accessible, anytime, anywhere learning that promotes active & independent learning
Learnerships involve on the job training, so the productivity of the company is ongoing
Learners are upskilled for a quarter of the cost
LFP - Digital Campus

Accredited INCUBATION Campus

Training Consultants

We provide industry-first accredited skills programmes for unemployed and disabled learners at our world-class on-site training facilities.

LFP Training Consultants is an accredited training school that offers learnerships and short courses recognised by the Department of Education and many SETAs. LFP Training Consultants place a premium on core elements such as skills development, management control, enterprise and supplier development, and enterprise and supplier development, ensuring that clients who engage in these initiatives achieve maximum benefits in terms of both BEE points and advanced operational effectiveness.

Recruitment and Assessment Division

LFP's vigilant Recruitment and Assessment section facilitate efficient service delivery by recruiting a wide range of individuals in compliance with BEE regulations. LFP also recruits disabled men and women of various races. The objective is to guarantee that these employees are compatible with the client's requirements and BEE strategy.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your learners are trained by qualified staff in a simulated and controlled environment, and skills can be adapted to any industry.

Clients can take advantage of our off-site solution with our simulator solution, which allows trainees to spend their whole learnership on one of our Campuses.

As an accredited FET institution and training provider, LFP assures that its clients qualify for the Income Tax Rebate, as defined in section 12H of the Income Tax Act. As a result, R80 000 is created for each able-bodied learner and R120 000 for each disadvantaged learner.

Enterprise Development Improves Lives

We have witnessed the incredible influence of learnership programmes in our own lives and those of others. Enterprise development enables a better life; it alters the opportunities available to an individual. It also contributes to bridging disparities in employment, advancement, and the chance to start businesses. 

The LFP Group encourages all organisations to seize every chance to equip employees with learnership skills that will benefit their work performance and entrepreneurial path.

Sustainable Transformation Skills
and Incubation Programmes

Our SME Programme utilises our Hydro-Coop (Smart Farming Model) and is helping develop a more sustainable world in which poverty may be alleviated and more people can find work.

LFP’s SME Programme was intended to provide our people and communities with not only skills but also the opportunity to own a business. We believe that by implementing our SME Programme, we would be able to eliminate hunger while simultaneously providing families with generational income.

The purpose of this programme is to transition more unemployed individuals into business owners by providing them with both practical and theoretical experience through our ongoing mentorship throughout its duration.

This programme includes
  • Ownership of The Hydro–Coop by the learner from month 4 of the learnership.
  • Accredited entrepreneurship one-year course: new venture Creation NQF level 2.
  • 4 x Capacity building programs including broiler production, Hydroponics, farm management, sales, and marketing of produce and livestock.
  • Learners to be hosted at the agricultural development centre for 3 months (incubation period).
  • In month 4, LFP Agri and the learner will set up the 9m2 Hydro-Coop at the learner’s place of preference.
  • Months 5 to 12 will be a blended learning solution (onsite and online)
Learning is as follows
  • 1 x 2-hour session per week with an assigned facilitator
  • 1 x 2-hour session with an assessor
  • 1 x 2-hour session per week with an assessor/Mentor.
  • Continued support provided daily.

Youth Employment Services Implementation Programme

Sadly, a staggering six million young people between the ages of 18 and 34 remain unemployed, so The LFP Group has stepped up to provide more opportunities for our youth.

Companies can now gain additional BEE advantages through the YES (Youth Employment Service) Programme Management Implementation, officially gazetted on 28 August 2018. 

YES aims to create one million work opportunities for unemployed youth and transform the lives of these youth while helping to grow the businesses in which they are placed. 

In supporting the YES programme, we recognise the essential role that Africa’s youth play in developing the economy and our continent. We currently offer implementation of the YES programme to benefit clients and individuals.

We provide the additional benefits