L FP Agri desires to assist South Africans in achieving various objectives. Elevation of poverty through upskilling unemployed South Africans in Agricultural Business Acumen and entrepreneurial critical skills.

LFP Agri aims to play a vital role in the entrepreneurial activation of sustainable agricultural programs and ventures. We focus on providing sustainable programs to promote economic growth and agricultural opportunities. With an outcome in mind of improving agricultural production in a safe and reliable way, our training led programmes create a competitive agricultural sector that leads to a transformed and empowered agricultural landscape.

Food security is addressed by the development of sustainable partnerships with communities and companies that allow LFP AGRI to implement community-based initiatives that are both sustainable and profitable. This in turn creates food and economic security for the people of South Africa. The alleviation of poverty reduces crime, gender-based violence, dependency on welfare grants and Government. We believe that a developmental mindset and social impact investment projects between public and private entities and departments can provide the people of South-Africa with next generation opportunities and sustainable jobs for generations to come.