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Bringing People Together to Build a Brighter Future

Innovative Learnership Solutions for an Inclusive and Sustainable Future!

Breaking the poverty cycle, creating social cohesion, and establishing
innovative sustainable food solutions for future generations

It's Not About Welfare.
It's About Sustainable Change

Everything we do is a tiny piece of a much bigger story and a step closer to transformation in South Africa, Africa, and Beyond.

What is sustainable transformation?

Sustainable transformation is a lifelong process that is necessary for long-term growth. It’s about satisfying people’s necessities today while also assuring their future success tomorrow.

At LFP, we anticipate the future and create practical, workable solutions that offer measurable & reportable outcomes that are sustainable & scalable and drive long-term social & economic impact.

LFP - Sustainable Change
Sustainable training solutions, skills development, and capacity-building programmes
Incubation programmes that aim to improve health and education, reduce inequality and improve people's lives
Forward-thinking Agricultural Solutions for both Rural and Urban areas aimed at establishing food security
Engaging, educating, and empowering communities through our complimentary SMART Farming initiatives

Our approach:
Think local.
act global

We fight social injustice, social and economic exclusion, corruption, poverty, malnutrition, and climate change with inclusive, developmental, measurable, and scalable programmes and projects.

Education, incubation, mentoring, and capacity building enable us to unlock more innovation and independency that breaks social and economic systematic parameters.

Developing Pioneers of Change

We can’t completely eradicate poverty. But we’re not helpless either. We can help many people create a better future for themselves and their families.

We are prepared to work to alter lives and communities by enabling them to break through the glass ceiling through innovation, perseverance, and a commitment to constantly experimenting with new ideas.

We think
CHALLENGING the Status Quo

Let's Work

Why Choose Us?

Let’s work together to build a brighter future!

We have consulted on transformation to over 3 000 corporate companies
We have consulted with over 50 government organizations and have worked with over 50 NPOs
We have been a part of creating over 7 000 EMEs and SMMEs
We have educated more than 100 000 unemployed people (80% woman and 65% youth)
We have completed R1.8 billion worth of projects
We have created more than 60 000 sustainable jobs for unemployed women and youth
We have impacted more than 400 000 people and 70 000 households
We have created over R500 000 000 in income for previously unemployed people
We aim to create more than R1.5 billion in income for previously unemployed people in the next 5 years (2027)
We have consulted with over 300 000 unemployed people

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