Strategic B-BBEE Consultants



Driven by Leadership, Focus, Passion and Integrity, the LFP Group is South Africa’s leading provider of BEE aligned turnkey Skills Development training solutions.

Over the years, the company has produced several industry-firsts and has evolved to bring you LFP Training, BEE-Connex, LFP Permanent Placements, LFP Outsourced Payroll, YES Programme and LFP BEE Consulting.

The LFP Group offers a nationwide support with offices and training facilities in Johannesburg, Western Cape and Durban. No one customer is the same and as such, our strategic compliance solutions are tailored to meet your needs.

Our team of more than 100 industry experts is here to walk the journey with you – from start to finish, and to date, 100% of our clients have passed their BEE Verification Audits.



Various forms of sub-minimum compliance requirements deem it essential to incorporate the skills and expertise of professionals who can achieve its desired scorecard objectives.

LFP BEE Consulting takes pride in taking ownership of its clients’ B-BBEE accountabilities and is profoundly aware of the aftermath of not achieving project success; failure is never an option. We recognise that the key factors to successful B-BBEE implementation lie in the provision, strategy, planning and preparation before the relentless verification process. If planned and implemented correctly, the verification process becomes a mere formality.

To this end, LFP BEE Consulting has geared its solutions and service experience to allow its clients to safely navigate its path and rest easy knowing a dedicated, knowledgeable team has their best interests and B-BBEE score at hand.

LFP BEE Consulting advises and consults across the spectrum of B-BBEE elements and sector codes as well as compliance related implementation attached to Skills Development and Employment Equity. LFP BEE Consultants advises and consults nationally and stands proud as an industry leader.


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